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Carriers gets limited

08.26.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
Last week we caught a glimpse at the international poster for CARRIERS (check that shit HERE), a poster that some hated while I kinda dug. I was looking forward to checking the flick out, whenever that may be, and as of today we got a news of the film's release schedule. Hold on to your butts... this ain't pretty.

On September 4th (that's next Friday!!!), CARRIERS will be released theatrically in the following cities... Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit, Denver, Portland, Minneapolis, Charlotte, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. It'll also get some love in Florida and a few other cities, but that's about it. What gives?

Not that I'm all that surprised, as they haven't been pushing the film very hard, and with under 2 weeks to go, you'd figure they'd be cranking out some new images (at the very least) to get the word out. But then again, having a theatrical release is better than a STD release, no matter how small the original run is.

What's odd about the release schedule is bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle (gotta represent!) are completely missing from this list. Those are usually the first cities to get a limited relase like this (at least NY and LA). Weird.

Directed by └lex and David Pastor and starring Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Dale Malley, Christopher Meloni, Lou Taylor Pucci, Kiernan Shipka, and Emily VanCamp, CARRIES goes like this: A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Contagion is everywhere, no one is safe and no one can be trusted. Four young attractive people race through the back roads of the American West to the pounding beat of a vacation soundtrack. Their aim is to retreat to secluded utopian beach in the Gulf of Mexico, where they could peacefully wait out the pandemic and survive the apocalyptic disease.

Get ready to check out CARRIERS in the select cities above on September 4th!

Extra Tidbit: I still can't believe this movie's PG-13.
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