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Case 39 Trailer!

04.27.2009by: The Arrow

WOW! Talk about left field! I had forgotten about this movie! Yup, am talking about Christian Alvart's CASE 39 which stars the sometimes lovely RENEE ZELWEGGER . The flick was shot in 2006, had a release date tagged to it every year after that, its OFFICIAL SITE is still NADA, the actual date of release a question mark but hey... we finally got a TRAILER. I gotta say it, it looks fairly groovy in a mainstream kind of way - made me want to check it out. Tap it below and let me know what ya think.

Case 39 is about a family services social worker that thinks she has seen it all until she meets her newest, most mysterious case, troubled 10-year old Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland). Emily's worst fears are confirmed when the parents try to kill Lilith, their only daughter. Emily saves her and decides to take her in herself until the right foster family comes along. Stay tuned to AITH for more info on the film and an impending set visit!

Extra Tidbit: CASE 39 is Rated R for violence and terror including disturbing images.
Source: AITH



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