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Cassadaga sets December DVD release

11.26.2013by: Ryan Miller

We've got a little DVD release news to throw your way today as Archstone Distribution will be releasing Anthony DiBlasi’s horror flick CASSADAGA on DVD this December 31st, below you can take a peek at the DVD cover art. CASSADAGA is recently coming off of its VOD and limited theatrical run and it's even still available to WATCH HERE in case you don't feel like waiting for the DVD release.

We've kept a close eye on this one, and from everything we've seen so far it looks like it offers some soild visuals that will surely give some of you folks the creeps! Here's what it's about:

CASSADAGA tells the story of Lily Morel (Kelen Coleman), a post-lingually deaf artist, who participates in a séance in the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of getting closure with her recently departed sister, Lily contacts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman. As the ghost becomes increasingly angry and violent, Lily rushes to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman’s death – a task that will bring her face-to-face with a sadistic serial killer who turns his victims into human marionette dolls.

CASSADAGA is produced and written by Scott Poiley and Bruce Wood, and co-stars Louise Fletcher (Showtime’s “Shameless,” The Last Sin Eater), Rus Blackwell and Lucas Beck. The film stars Kevin Alejandro, Kelen Coleman, Louise Fletcher, Rus Blackwell, Hank Stone, J LaRose, and Amy LoCicero.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out CASSADAGA?



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