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Chadha heads to Afterlife

11.05.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Hard to believe the director behind the Keira Knightley starring BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM is gearing up to bring us a potentially twisted horror comedy.. but it's true. Variety reports that BECKHAM's Gurinder Chadha is gearing up for IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE.

A play on the classic Christmas movie IT'S A WONDEFUL LIFE? Nice. Chadha (right) describes AFTERLIFE as a cross between MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING and SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Now that's an interesting mixture. AFTERLIFE will be about a British-Asian mother whose obsession to marry off her daughter comically leads to serial murder.

I'm game, though I don't think any serial killing mother will trump Kathleen Turner's SERIAL MOM. It feels like AFTERLIFE is gearing up for the same feel though. Chadha had the following to say regarding the project:

"It's a comic caper very much in the tradition of classic Ealing comedies. It's a return for me to the characters and setting of 'Bend It Like Beckham' but in a different genre, namely horror, although I would say that the gore will be easy on the eye."

Lensing is set to start this February in the UK. Chadha is currently hard at work casting her multicultural $10 million flick. She'll be penning the script with husband Paul Berges; they'll also be producing. I'm not sure how AFTERLIFE will pan out but I'll reserve my judgement until we see a bit more on the project, like maybe some casting. Keep it here for any updates on IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE as we hear them.

Source: Variety



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