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Check out a bunch of new stills for Korean killer-pig flick Chaw

09.30.2010by: Jared Pacheco

We've been keeping you in the loop regarding the Korean creature feature CHAW for a while now, with the last update coming a couple weeks ago. Basically the flick follows a killer pig and looks like a fun time at the movies! So what CHAW goods do I have for you guys today?

Thanks to the fellas over at Undead Backbrain we've got a mess of new stills from CHAW to gnaw on. The stills offer up all kinds of goods including some gory fun and some vicious shots of our villain! I've tossed a few of the shots up above and below but you'll want to click through to get a look at the whole batch.

Shock and fear wash over the quiet, peaceful town of Sameri when ecologist discovers the body parts of a girl in the mountains. Officer Kim Kang Su, newly transferred from Seoul, gets assigned to the case, but it soon transpires this is no ordinary homicide. Cheon Il Man, the victimís grandfather, is convinced that the culprit is a giant man-eating boar, and more will be claimed if the beast isnít taken down. Kimís own mother has gone missing, and may have already fallen victim. All interested in capturing the boar for reasons of their own, Kim, Cheon, Soo Ryeon, opportunistic hunter Baek, and detective Shin head into the dangerous wilds, but will they make it back out alive?

CHAW comes from director Jeong-won Shin and stars Tae-woong Eom, Yu-mi Jeong (below), Jang Hang Seon, Je-mun Yun, Park Hyuk Kwon, Yun-min Jeong and Josiah D. Lee. Unfortuantely there's still no word on a release for this one but as always as soon as we hear the good word we'll be sure to pass it along to all of you!

CHAW (2009) - English Trailer

Extra Tidbit: So what animal would you like to see wreak havoc in a horror flick that hasn't already?



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