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Check out a handful of stills from Under the Dome Season 2

05.20.2014by: Ryan Miller

Coming in right on the heels of all the new details we shared with you guys earlier today regarding CBS’s upcoming Season 2 of “Under the Dome” is a handful of new imagery that gives us a fantastic look at the show and its characters; there’s even a nice little cameo by Stephen King himself!

The first episode of Season 2, titled "Heads Will Roll”, will air on Monday, June 30th and was written by Stephen King. Be on the lookout for its synopsis soon!

"Under the Dome" stars Mike Vogel (Barbie), Colin Ford (Joe), Alexander Koch (Junior), Rachelle Lefevre (Julia), Natalie Martinez (Linda), Dean Norris (Big Jim), Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie), and Britt Robertson (Angie). Joining them are newcomers Brett Cullen, Sherry Stringfield, Eddie Cahill, Grace Victoria Cox, Karla Crome, Dwayne Boyd, and Dwight Yoakam.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching Season 2 of "Under the Dome"?
Source: CBS



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