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Check out a teaser poster & models for killer alien plant flick It Grows

Mar. 1, 2012by: Jared Pacheco

We see a lot of evil things in our beloved genre. From children to psychopaths to cars to bongs.. You can pretty much make a killer out of anything. One object we don't see enough genre flicks about are plants. Are you with me on that one?

Alright. You probably don't agree. And to be honest I don't even think I meant that... But regardless we've got a brand new killer plant flick on the way! Actually, this time we've got an alien killer plant flick on the way! Hey... it might be pretty cool.

The project I'm getting at is something called IT GROWS and thanks to Undead Backbrain we've got the details on this one! Not only details, but a teaser one-sheet and a couple shots of a concept model as well. Nice! You can scroll away above and below for the goods but you'll want to read on for the details.

While a specific synopsis hasn't been offered, IT GROWS is described as Alien meets The Thing meets Little Shop of Horrors meets The Blob. Can't really go wrong with that... Check out some more description from creator Nick Stathopoulos:

"The project came about [Nick explained] when Ryan Cauchi was directing my movie show See You Next Wednesday on TVS. Hes a talented young guy with a passion for film making and we talked about collaborating on some small movie, possibly for Tropfest.

We determined it had to be small and not too complex so we could actually have a chance of completing it. These projects notoriously fall in a heap, and its a huge investment of time something I have little enough of as is. It had to be something that could be shot around my tumble-down terrace house; that used what we had at hand, and also took advantage of my old school special effects approach. We both love puppets and models and a non-digital look. Were shooting on a Canon 550D digital SLR camera, and the look is incredibly good.

Theres a subsidence in my backyard, and I thought that would make a great crater and thats the germination of It Grows.

I wrote the script quickly, and then started sculpting. This was meant to be a quick, no-nonsense little film, but its been a protracted schedule due to other work and exhibitions, but Ive just about finished all the models and puppets and we hope to start shooting when the weather clears. Weve done hung-miniature tests and lighting and color tests and everything looks great in a goofy kinda way. Were both excited by what weve tested."

So there you have it folks! Hopefully more news on IT GROWS spreads our way soon. Get it? Spreads... Ha. Nevermind.

It grows alright!

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Extra Tidbit: What other killer plant flicks can you think of?


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