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Check out 'Film Your Own Paranormal Activity' winner Heebie Jeebies

03.06.2010by: Jared Pacheco

While Oren Peli's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY has been haunting homes on DVD here in the US for a few weeks now our pals across the pond won't be able to enjoy the scares for another couple weeks. But the wait seems to be worth it! You see the UK's copy of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY will have a whole bunch of other features, including the "Film Your Own Paranormal Activity" competition!

What exactly is the 'Film Your Own Paranormal Activity' competition? You see over in the UK Icon Home Entertainment held a contest where people could submit their own paranormal short films in the veign of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. You want to check those bad boys out? Head on over to Icon's YouTube page "Prepare to be Scared."

Icon and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY director Oren Peli knocked the final list down to 10 entries before Peli himself choose the winner. And now the moment you've all been waiting for! Well probably not but let's roll with it. Which short film won the contest? HEEBIE JEEBIES! The short film can be found below or over in our videos section so be sure to check that shite out!

So why did HEEBIE JEEBIES win? Also below you'll find an introduction video from Oren Peli stating which film he chose as the winner and why. Pretty cool. What do you guys think? Have a chance to catch any of the other entires? You think HEEBIE JEEBIES deserved to win? Hit us with your opinions below!

All ten finalists and the introduction video will be included on the UK DVD release of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which hits shelves March 22nd!

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Director Oren Peli Introduces 'Film Your Own Paranormal Activity' Winner


Extra Tidbit: What kind of twists would you add to your own 'Paranormal Activity' video?
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