Check out the reboot RoboCop in gun-toting action!


ROBOCOP reboot news abounds this week. Yesterday, we reported some fan-taken, behind the scenes shots of RoboCop's (Joel Kinnaman) press conference unveiling. Courtesy of fan Ronnie Yip more shots of the scene have surfaced, including some of the big man in gun toting action. Even more exciting-- Michael Keaton wearing a puffy jacket. Score!

Yip reports:

"After much harassment from the crew, I was able to get some pretty clear shots of the half-man/half-robot himself. Scenes from the remake of Robocop were being shot on my campus this Thanksgiving weekend.In this particular scene, Robocop was being unveiled to the city of Detroit. Then, there was some sort of hostage situation going on afterwards."

In yesterday's article I went on this whole rant wondering why we haven't seen RoboCop's full suit and helmet together, speculating were they gonna CGI the latter and blah blah blah. It was only writing this article a day later that I remembered, "Holy shit, we did see them together... MONTHS AGO". I think this speak volumes to how unmemorable this new design is in comparison to Phil Tippet's original. Well, that and I'm sort of a dumbass sometimes (in my defense of this retraction, I invoke the ROBOCOP 2 mantra: "We're only human.").

Complaints about the design aside, the details of the suit really pop in these new pics. Though I'm still not won over, in action the suit has some merits-- especially during those action poses. I'm kind of digging the new gun, and the whole thing looks less Dark Knight-y when reboot Robo is leveling the weapon at criminals. What do you guys think? Are we feeling better about Jose Pedilha's take on the cyborg cop? Talk back with your thoughts below...

Extra Tidbit: I really love the shot of the guy wiping Kinnaman's suit down. I wonder if he made squeegee noises with his mouth while he did it. How could he not?
Source: Ronnie Yip



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