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This Halloween become the face of a horror icon!

10.29.2012by: Jake Dee

Warning, we're getting all kinds of silly with this one friends!

With Halloween a couple of days away, we encourage all you readers to partake in a fun little charade via that allows you to become a horror icon! Simply click the link, upload your own pictures, and wonderfully watch your own grill morph into a familiar horror character. Shite rules!

As you can see in the examples above and below, we've plastered our ugly mugs in the following:  Fallon's rocking the Rick Grimes look ("The Walking Dead"), Ike's pimping it with the Tallahassee pose (ZOMBIELAND), I'm singing Black or White with the Jackson Fife Thriller stance, and Eric...well, Eric's decked as a sloppy mess of a ho-bag. Nothing new there!

Happy Halloween y'all!

Extra Tidbit: Create your own image and link to it in the talk-backs below!
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