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Check out the poster and stills for Crave, starring Edward Furlong and Ron Perlman

06.26.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Another promising feature to premiere at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival is Charles de Lauzirika’s CRAVE. The thriller, starring Edward Furlong and Ron Perlman, is the debut directorial feature from de Lauzirika, who has been mostly known so far as a producer and frequent Ridley Scott collaborator. Check out the synopsis, as well as the stills and the poster below.

A downtrodden photographer, haunted by the urban violence and decay around him, retreats into an inner world of dark fantasies. Those dangerous visions explode in reality with deadly consequences when his intoxicating new relationship with a beautiful young woman goes sour.

Apart from Furlong and Perlman, CRAVE also stars Josh Lawson, Emma Lung, Christopher Stapleton and William Gines. You can also check out the film's Facebook page HERE.

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