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Check set pictures and video of the Robocop reboot's Alex Murphy

Sep. 26, 2012by: Ike Oden

Warning: minor SPOILERS are ahead.

Jose Padilha’s ROBOCOP has gotten mixed buzz from fans following leaked photos of the iconic hero's redesign. Perhaps taking a look at Joel Kinnaman as the new Alex Murphy will help give you a clearer picture of the reboot beyond the obvious DARK KNIGHT jokes.

Yes, set photos have leaked of Kinnaman in full Murphy regalia, presumably for the scene of the character's untimely death:

Reports indicate that the scene taking place was described as Murphy having dinner with a collegue (possibly Lewis?) when some criminals would come in and attack him, which would ultimately lead to Alex Murphy being critcally [SIC} injured.

An inquiring fan got further details on the scene, which differs greatly from Murphy's assassination in the original film:

"The significance of the restaurant is apparently going to be a key scene where Alex Murphy gets shot in a shootout. The shootout (as explained to me by one of the crew) is supposed to take place between inside the restaurant and people outside the restaurant and supposedly supposed to spill out into the street and into an alley."

Even better-- video footage has leaked of said criminals rolling up on Murphy for the big hit. You can check that out below, along with set pictures and the Kinnaman-Murphy photos. While you’re at it, tell us whether or not these new details have convinced you’d to buy Padilha’s ROBOCOP for a dollar…

Extra Tidbit: Abbie Cornish (above) is a sultry addition to the cast. Yowza!

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5:44PM on 09/26/2012
That's Hamilton, where I live!!! yay.
That's Hamilton, where I live!!! yay.
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9:46AM on 09/26/2012

Yowza indeed

Nice photo of Cornish. Still don't care that much about this movie though.
Nice photo of Cornish. Still don't care that much about this movie though.
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