Peep the poster & red-band trailer for Charles Band's Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

Holy hell, a 10th PUPPET MASTER film? Who the hell knew?!

Not only that, who had Charles Band, purveyor of cheesy 80s horror aplenty, barking directions from a story he hatched for PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING? All very left fucking field here, but hey, we have proof of AXIS RISING below in the form of a trailer. Give her a peek and see how the tenth stacks up to the first. Or the ninth...

Scripted by Shane Bitterling - AXIS RISING lifts off:

After foiling a plot to blow up an American arms plant, DANNY COOGAN and his girlfriend, BETH, quickly find that their troubles have just begun. One of Toulon's mysterious Puppets has been kidnapped by the Nazis, and under the wicked, watchful eye of the occultist COMMANDANT MOEBIUS, the Puppets' life-giving serum is synthesized to create a master race of unstoppable soldiers.

Moebius plots to assassinate the highly-decorated GENERAL PORTER to deliver a crippling blow to the American war effort, but his experiments are not ready. A Nazi Scientist uses the serum to create their own superior race of NAZI PUPPETS in the form of BLITZKRIEG, WEREMACHT, BOMBSHELL and KAMIKAZE!

Danny and Beth, teamed with craggy SERGEANT STONE and Toulon's Puppets, are no match for Moebius and his war machine. It is up to BLADE, PINHEAD, LEECH WOMAN and JESTER to revive their own secret weapon to stop the AXIS RISING!

The flick still may release sometime this year. We'll keep you posted!

Extra Tidbit: Damn, star Stephanie Sanditz (above) is putting ILSA, SHE WOLF to shame!
Source: AITH



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