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Check out this Suspiria themed bar in Japan

06.05.2013by: Ryan Miller

You guys are really going to get a kick out of this place. The owners of Cambiare, an Italian bar and grill in Tokyo's "Golden Gai" district in Shinjuku, have become the first bar to be based on Dario Argento's wicked 1977 classic SUSPIRIA. How cool is that? From the lettering on their sign to the gorgeous stained glass windows, Cambiare brilliantly turned Argento's horror classic into a badass looking place to grab a few drinks! This definitely sounds like one hell of a place to check out — let's just hope Cambiare doesn't have a secret coven of witches somewhere hidden in the back, even though that could get pretty fun after a night of drinking!

Below are a few pictures from the bar and if you'd like to see more just check out their Facebook page!

Extra Tidbit: What horror film would you love to see turned into a bar?
Source: Facebook



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