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Chelsea Handler joins Josh Schwartz's Halloween comedy Fun Size

06.16.2011by: Jake Dee

You know, the more we hear who's involved with Josh Schwartz's Halloween comedy FUN SIZE, the more we seriously question its AITH validity. I mean, Chelsea Handler's scary and all, but damn...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Handler (pictured) has signed on to portray Victoria Justice's mother in FUN SIZE. It's a key role in the film, as a sarcastic teenage daughter (Justice) is forced to take her little brother trick-or-treating on Halloween, then loses him and must find him before their mother finds out.

Handler you may know as the comedienne hostess of "Chelsea Lately." She's also appeared in flicks like CATTLE CALL, STEAM, HOP, and can be seen in the upcoming McG film THIS MEANS WAR.

Also starring Johnny Knoxville, Jane Levy, Thomas Mann, Thomas Middleditch, Thomas McDonell, Osric Chau, Jackson Nicoll, Ana Gasteyer, Josh Pence, Holmes Osborne, James Pumphrey, Willam Belli and Peter Navy Tuiasosopo - FUN SIZE is currently shooting in Ohio.

Extra Tidbit: Voice your opinion: do you want to read all about FUN SIZE here at AITH or should we scrap it?
Source: THR



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