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Children/Corn image!

05.07.2009by: Eric Walkuski

I don't know what the flying F is going on in this new CHILDREN OF THE CORN image, but I know it's not right. Just not right in any way. Is that person growing hair out of their eye-sockets? Or is their eyebrow hair just out of control? Is that even hair? Will this image haunt my nightmares for weeks to come? It's pretty up in the air, across the board.

The pic comes courtesy of Gorezone Magazine, and it's the picture on their new cover. (Along with, um, Beyonce.) It's the first legit shot of the new CORN flick, which will debut on the Sci-Fi channel this summer. The issue of Gorezone goes on sale MAY 9th.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN, starring Kandyse McClure and David Anders, goes something like this: Former Vietnam vet BURT's marriage to VICKY is on the rocks, but Burt hopes to rekindle their old flame with a second honeymoon driving trip. Unfortunately, their journey takes them into the heart of darkness -- a seemingly deserted rural community that conceals a grim secret among its rows of tall corn...

Extra Tidbit: The short story by Stephen King is seriously one of his very best.
Source: Gorezone.uk



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