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Chopping Mall being remade? Robert Hall to direct?!

11.22.2011by: Eric Walkuski

This is as random as it gets, folks. I never thought I'd see the day where we're talking about a CHOPPING MALL remake, but here we are, talking about a CHOPPING MALL remake.

Per Variety, Robert Hall - make-up artist extraordinaire and director of the two LAID TO REST films - is gearing up a remake of, yes, CHOPPING MALL (a.k.a. KILLBOTS). Hall's LAID TO REST 2 co-writer Kevin Bocarde will script and produce the flick, which is looking to shoot in the spring.

The original film, directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Julie & Roger Corman, was about a group of young, horny adults who get stuck in a shopping mall with a bevy of murderous security robots... If you think the idea of having tiny marauding robots pick off young people in a shopping mall might be a tad silly for this day and age (hell, any day and age), then Hall and Co. agree with you. Seems as though they're twisting the concept a bit.

Bocarde had this to say about the remake: "It will retain the basic concept of young people trapped in a mall; however, the story will have a darker, supernatural spin."

So... I'm guessing no Killbots? If there aren't any Killbots, then why remake the film at all? What kind of madness is this?!

I'll calm down, for now, and await further details on this project.

CHOPPING MALL star Kelli Maroney

Extra Tidbit: Are you a CHOPPING MALL fan? How do you feel about this startling news?
Source: Variety



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