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Chris Eyre to direct Soul Catcher adaptation

06.11.2015by: Ryan Miller

Soul Catcher

Frank Herbert’s novel SOUL CATCHER has its eyes set on a director and writer as Deadline got the early word that Chris Eyre has signed on to helm the project with John Sayles attached to write the screenplay. Beyond that, however, details on the film adaptation are pretty slim as this one is just getting started, so we’ll hopefully have more on this one soon!

Those of you unfamiliar with the novel, it’s a psychological thriller that centers around…

a Native American activist who, driven by ancient spirits and injustice towards his people, kidnaps the son of an important U.S politician with the intent to sacrifice the child as revenge. As the captor and the captive flee from hunters across the Pacific Northwest, they form a bond that throws the planned act into question.

Some of the stuff you might know by Eyre is SMOKE SIGNALS, EDGE OF AMERICA and THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. He is repped by Art Rutter at Critical Mass Management, The Gersh Agency, and Shining Elk Entertainment Group. Sayles is repped by APA and Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard.

Soul Catcher

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Source: Deadline



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