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Chris Nolan, Michael Bay & Alfonso Cuaron on shortlist for Twilight Zone film

09.30.2011by: Jake Dee

IQ test: which name above doesn't belong?

You know how the 1983 movie version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE featured segments from four different directors? Well, it looks like Warner Bros. is nixing that approach with their new version of the title, instead opting for a single director and storyline to carry all the way through. And like in 1983, some top flight talent is being courted...

According to Variety, Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuaron are all on the shortlist to helm the new TWILIGHT ZONE MOVIE. Thing is, mutual interest is said to be accumulating. If that's the case, my guess is Nolan and Bay will have to duke it out to the finish. Sure, THE DARK KNIGHT did historical business, and Nolan's track record with WB is aces, but not many cats have more clout in this town than Michael Bay. Unless his pitch blows mofos out of the water, I'm guessing Cuaron is the long-shot of the bunch. He does have the most open schedule though.

Still, TWILIGHT ZONE may be too similar to what Nolan pulled with INCEPTION, so his mutual interest could be less than Bay's. Word is Nolan could get the first offer though. Bay has never worked with WB, so there's that to consider as well.

A darkhorse? Rupert Wyatt, who's RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES did gangbusters this summer. He has no official follow up announced, so he may get the call for TWILIGHT ZONE as well.

More as it develops...

Nolan's new muse, Marion Cotillard!

Extra Tidbit: Of the 4: Nolan, Bay, Curaon or Wyatt...which would you prefer direct THE TWILIGHT ZONE. I'd say Nolan, then Cuaron, then Wyatt then Bay.
Source: Variety



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