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Christa is Dead

07.13.2006by: Matt Withers
The Bloody-Disgusting crew dropped some info that Christa Campbell (the luscious/psycho Milk Maiden in 2001 MANIACS) is likely to join the cast of DAY OF THE DEAD which Ammon already detailed for you here.

Not surprisingly she is also set to return to the role of sexy, acidic moonshine pumper in 2002 MANIACS. Now technically she's hot enough that what's been provided so far is quite sufficient to sustain the inevitable pics. But just to give you a little more text before you earn her full scintillating hotness, here's the synopsis for the original DAY OF THE DEAD:

The Dead have conquered earth, leaving just small groups of people out of their clutches. One group made up of both scientific and military personal, hiding in a bunker somewhere in Florida tries to get in contact with other survivors of the zombie infestation, but find themselves quite alone in this new world. Desperately searching for a cure and therefore indulging in strange experiments to overcome this strange transformation into zombies, the scientists loose the faith of the military, resulting in a race against death while the zombies take over the facility.. Only common sense can save them now...

OK, now you've earned the money shot...



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