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Christopher Landon NOT writing P.A. 3, instead Wake with Miley Cyrus?

01.12.2011by: Jake Dee

Wow. I don't know which I'd rather see (or avoid, really), a third PARANORMAL ACTIVITY flick or a supernatural thriller starring a post-Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. A tough call indeed!

In any event, it seems this bit of news also comes with a recantation of a piece we ran yesterday. You know how it was thought Christopher Landon was teaming with Michael R. Perry to pen PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3? Well, forget that shite!

Not only was that rumor shot down, STYD learned Landon is hard at work on a new film he wrote called WAKE, a supernatural thriller starring Miley Cyrus (seen right).

"[Miley Cyrus] is looking to sort of get out of her cutesy Hannah Montana image," Landon said, "which she's actually doing quite well. She wanted to do something a little edgier and a little darker, so we're making this movie hopefully...It's about a teenage girl who has a rare form of narcalepsy. When she's within a certain distance of someone sleeping, she passes out and goes into their dreams."

Okay then, WAKE it is. Hopefully the title refers to Cyrus' funeral instead of a lame ass reference to slumber. Know what I'm sayin'?!?

For more on the matter, click HERE. Otherwise, keep it locked for more updates on both WAKE and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3.

Extra Tidbit: Chris Landon also wrote the 1998 crime flick ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE, starring Natasha Gregson Wagner (above).
Source: STYD



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