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Chronicle actor Alex Russell talks Chronicle 2 and why director Josh Trank might not be back

06.29.2012by: Jared Pacheco

Just recently I finally had a chance to sit down and tap Josh Trank's CHRONICLE. For the most part, I dug the shite out of it. But does it really need a sequel? Personally I don't think so... but what do I know.

Apparently my opinion means absolutely nothing because a CHRONICLE 2 is indeed on the way. You know whose opinion does mean something? The first film's star - Alex Russell. You see the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting got wind on a bunch of CHRONICLE 2 talk coming from Russell (above center). Check it:

Thats the plan [for the film to focus on Russell's 'Matt']."

(Screenwriter) Max Landis is working hard on that right now."

Hes [Landis] dropping hints here and there all over the world, he loves to keep people sweating.

He [Landis] doesnt tell me a lot, but Im really excited to see what hes got ready to pull out of the hat."

Chronicle was such an incredible thing and he [Landis] wrote that in two weeks. It didnt change much from that script to what we shot.

Ive heard that he [CHRONICLE director Josh Trank] might not be available and Ive heard he wants to do it, so Im not sure."

Id love if he [Trank] did. He was really, really fantastic."

It was pretty amazing that it was his [Trank] first job. If it was his fiftieth job it would be equally amazing."

Its that extra special piece of trivia that this film was crafted by a first time filmmaker."

By the same token Id like to see what a different director does with it and see a different spin on it."

I think were in for a good Chronicle 2 regardless.

Well alright. Hey, at least it's a whole lot more than we knew a minute ago. What says you guys? You jiving with this? Be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more CHRONICLE 2 news to roll our way.

CHRONICLE's Ashley Hinshaw
Extra Tidbit: Do any of you even want to see a CHRONICLE 2?



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