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Chucky 7 is even closer to production, teases Don Mancini

12.08.2016by: Brennan Klein
Chucky 7 Don Mancini

At this point, I'm beginning to feel like Don Mancini is gaslighting us. His constant Twitter teases of an upcoming CHUCKY 7 are getting more and more frequent, although there still hasn't been an official announcement. But the newest development is a big one.

On Twitter today, Mancini, who wrote all the CHILD'S PLAY flicks and directed SEED OF CHUCKY and CURSE OF CHUCKY, shared a picture of the Winnipeg office of Doll Face Productions, which presumably has opened for the development of CHUCKY 7, as his hashtag implies.

We know he's been location scouting. We know he's been storyboarding. But an office implies that the ball is actually rolling. I hope we get a real announcement soon, or I'll go insane. Check out the tweet below!

Extra Tidbit: Which CHUCKY sequel is your favorite?
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