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Classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Drak Pack coming to DVD in September

06.01.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

First Look will release Hanna-Barbera's "DRAK PACK" on DVD on September 6. The 3-disc set will feature all 16 episodes of the animated series. The best part? It will only cost you about $8. Sure, there won't be any special features, but for that price you can't complain. Check out the cover art below.

The Chris Cuddington-directed cartoon ran on CBS on Saturday mornings from 1980 to 1982. The show follows Drak, Frankie and Howler, descendants of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and a werewolf, who together make up a superhero team known as the Drak Pack that battles Organization for Generally Rotten Enterprises (O.G.R.E.).

Pre-order "DRAK PACK" on DVD HERE. For a taste of the fun, you can watch the show's opening credits below.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be revisiting this show or experiencing it for the first time on DVD?
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