Clerks meets The Lost Boys in trailer for comic-turned-short film Vamped

On tap for ya this morning we have the trailer for the upcoming short film VAMPED, which is based on the 6 issue comic mini-series about a vampire bite that changes the lives of a group of small town nerds forever. Think CLERKS meets THE LOST BOYS and you'll get the idea. It’s a world where comics, video games, and vampires coexist, pop-culture reigns supreme and vampires don’t follow the rules of traditional fiction. Sounds good to me!

The idea for VAMPED began in 2010 when Donny Broussard (THE SHELTER) and Amy Wickenheiser dreamed up an idea for a short film about vampires and nerds. That script was called "Nerds". After failed attempts at finding funding "Nerds" was abandoned, but not forgotten. In 2012 Donny Broussard and David Lawson unearthed the "Nerds" script, tossed around a few ideas, and about 6 months after Broussard started writing the new material, VAMPED was born.

This time instead of just a short film, Broussard would team up with artist Jason Bienvenu to create a comic book, and a short film to accompany the comic. Fast forward to 2014 and the comics are in print (which you can find at www.vampedcomic.com), and the film is ready to be seen. The film was the brain child of Donny Broussard and David Lawson, but really took shape when Bobby Holbrook of Holbrook Multimedia came on board as Director of Photography and Matt Bell sat in the director’s chair.

Vamped takes traditional vampire lore and throws it out of the window, and puts bloodsuckers in a world populated by freaks and geeks.

Vamped is set in a world populated by gamers, comic book geeks, and movie fanboys. It’s a world where vampires bite, then beat your high score. Vamped the short film is about an ordinary guy that has big ideas, but never follows through until his life is forever changed by a bite. Yes, it’s a vampire bite, but what sets Vamped apart is the fact that it throws most traditional vampire lore out of the window, and the characters are all nerds.

Find out more about VAMPED, including where you can see the short and pick up the comics, HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Does VAMPED look like fun to you?



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