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Clint's daughter Kathryn Eastwood to co-star in Virus of the Dead

05.26.2015by: Cody Hamman

Clint Eastwood just had the biggest hit of his directorial career with AMERICAN SNIPER, now his 27-year-old daughter Kathryn is starring in AMERICAN VIRUS, a segment of the zombie anthology VIRUS OF THE DEAD.

Kathryn co-wrote the script for AMERICAN VIRUS with Shane Ryan (MY NAME IS 'A' BY ANONYMOUS), who also directed the segment and stars in it with her and Tommie Vegas.

VIRUS OF THE DEAD is the brainchild of Tony Newton, who will be directing the segment CAM GIRL, starring BRAVEHEART's Mhairi Calvey. Other filmmakers involved include Ryan Nicholson (GUTTERBALLS), James Cullen Bressack (BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREYS), SOV icon Todd Sheets, and actor Nick Principe, star of the John "The Arrow" Fallon-scripted AMERICAN MUSCLE.


tells the story of zombie attacks around the globe firsthand, through cell phones, webcams, and other consumer-friendly forms of media. 

I'm not generally a fan of the found footage aesthetic and, although I love zombies, I definitely feel they have reached the oversaturation point. Still, I'm interested in checking this one out because some of the names attached have me thinking it could be an entertaining bloodbath.

Hopefully a very entertaining one, since a sequel is already in the works.

Extra Tidbit: Does VIRUS OF THE DEAD sound interesting to you?



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