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Colin Hanks is a lottery winning serial killer in the first trailer for Lucky

06.11.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Do you guys remember us telling you all about the dark comedy LUCKY? It is coming our way from director Gil Cates Jr. and stars Colin Hanks as a serial killer who wins the lottery. Ringing any bells?

Well today the first trailer for the film dropped and I've decided to do you all a solid and tell you about it! So that's exactly what I'm here to do! If you scroll directly below, or head on over to the JoBlo videos section, you'll find the trailer for LUCKY courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Actually you can also head on over to Yahoo! to get a look at that shite in HD. Enjoy!

LUCKY is the story of a young man who wins the lottery and pursues his dream girl while trying to hide his ambitions as a serial killer.

Along with Hanks the flick also stars Ari Graynor, Heather Marie Marsden (below), Adam Harrington, Jeffrey Tambor and Ann-Margret. Now at first glance LUCKY may not be the best film to cover here at AITH but come on! It's a serial killer who wins the lottery! Here's hoping this thing ends up being very dark and very awesome. No word on a release date for LUCKY just yet bust as always we'll keep you updated!

LUCKY - Trailer
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Extra Tidbit: Colin Hanks is set to star in the upcoming season of "Dexter."
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