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Colin Hanks joins 6th season of "Dexter", the teaser trailer is here

05.09.2011by: Jake Dee

Returning to the small-screen this Fall is "Dexter," everyone's favorite serial murderer. Joining Michael C. Hall and company this time out is Colin Hanks, who has just been added to the 6th season cast of the Showtime hit. Word is Hanks will enjoy a major arc on the show, meaning you can expect to see him damn near every week. Until he dies!

Details on Hanks' character is being kept under a tight body-bag, as was that of John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits, but expect the dude to play some kind of adversarial role to Mr. Dexy. You think Hanks can pull it off?

In addition, we have the first real promo teaser Showtime put out for the 6th season of the show. It has a grainy, hand-held feel with ambient, almost NIN style sounds. All set to a fair amount of blood-letting. Check it out below!

"Dexter" season 6 likely premieres in October.

Extra Tidbit: Julie Benz (above) has appeared in 49 of the 72 total "Dexter" episodes.
Source: ShowtimeTV Line



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