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Collins for Christ

02.05.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Those of you who feel the original WICKER MAN is one of the most brilliant horror films of all time, this should interest you quite a bit. If you feel that the recent WICKER MAN remake is what all other horror movies should live up to, then you should do yourself a favor (and the world) by jumping off a bridge.

The Sunday Herald has a report straight from original WICKER MAN visionary Robin Hardy, who's gearing up for the WICKER MAN sequel COWBOYS FOR CHRIST. It appears as though Joan Collins has replaced Vanessa Redgrave in the role of Lady Delia Morrison in the film. Collins, eh? She's a legend!

Hardy had many things to say about this project (based off of his book, published in 2006), including: "They thought they'd broken the mold after we made the original Wicker Man, but they were wrong. [COWBOYS FOR CHRIST is] another film with beautiful songs, sassy sex, a few good laughs and horror upon horrors ahead".

Can't complain about that! Well, except for the songs... but I'm sure there's a place in there somewhere for some songs - the creepier the better, I suppose. If you're curious, COWBOYS is about a gospel singer and her cowboy friend, both virgins, who set off from Texas to enlighten Scottish heathens about the ways of Christ. If there was ever a recipe for disaster, it's that!

The film co-stars Christopher Lee (in a similar role he portrayed in THE WICKER MAN), and is currently filming in Scotland. Go ahead and click HERE to check out the full scoop, including the mystery behind who really danced the infamous nudie scene in the hotel... if you didn't know it was a controversial, you do now! Stick around for more COWBOYS FOR CHRIST as we hear it!



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