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Columbia an Animal

03.07.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Some news coming in from The Hollywood Reporter today regarding a new writer to the genre. Actually he's a new writer to the entire business.

I'm talking about screenwriter Mike Sobel and his spec script ANIMALS. Mind you, this is not to be mistaken with the flick of the same name I told you about in January.

Sobel's ANIMALS tells what happens when all the planet's animals turn on humans, from wild creatures to pets. So we're looking at THE SIGNAL with animals? I'm down.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Columbia have picked up Sobel's script with Neal Moritz producing through his Original Films banner.

Trevor Engelson and Nick Osborne are executive producing. Sobel abandoned his New York job of an assitant district attorney to chase the idea of becoming a screenwriter in Los Angeles. The duo of Engelson and Osborne discovered Sobel and pitched the idea of ANIMALS to Moritz, and here we are!

The next genre film Moritz is producing would be the PROM NIGHT remake. Sobel's ANIMALS sounds pretty intriguing, so we'll keep you updated.

I don't need to be an animal to want to attack them... and by attack I mean ... well attack, but in a sexual way.



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