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COMIC CON 2010: Don't be Afraid of the Dark

07.23.2010by: Jason Adams

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I haven’t seen the original film that this remake is based on (I hear it’s quite cheesy and dated), but I’d watch an updated version of HOWARD THE DUCK if Guillermo Del Toro was involved. The geek director extraordinaire, who is producing alongside CHUD.com webmaster Nick Nunziata, will be at the panel with stars Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce, and director/friend of JoBlo.com Troy Nixey, to show us some footage from the horror flick, which opens in January.

We're gonna be covering most of the Comic Con panels LIVE from the hall in which they're being presented, so you can follow us LIVE via the COVER IT LIVE widget below. You can also post your comments into the widget, but we will be moderating those comments, of course. Enjoy!



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