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COMIC CON INTERVIEWS: Boozing it up with the cast of Shark Night 3D!

07.27.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Ride em Shark Girl!

Relativity Media held one of the very first events at this year's San Diego Comic Con - a party for the studio's upcoming terror-in-the-water thriller SHARK NIGHT 3D. Luckily, most of the film's stars were there to schmooze and drink - and so were we!

The interviews were done in groups of twos, so below you'll see interviews with lead actors Sara Paxton & Dustin Milligan; director David R. Ellis and "American Idol" alum Katherine McPhee; actors Chris Zylka and Chris Carmack; and finally, the duo of Sinqua Walls and Alyssa Diaz. We asked all of them about the characters they portray, what it's like to play in the water with a mechanical shark, and how 3D works in favor of a flick like this. Enjoy!


It waits for another victim...

Me and Rusty. We want The Arrow to die of pussy starvation.

The Arrow about to be owned by the mechanical shark!

The Arrow got POWNED!

The Arrow loses but wins anyways...

The Arrow, David Ellis and JoBlo...3 REAL sharks!



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