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Comic: The First Death of Laurie Strode (#2)

12.09.2008by: Mike Catalano

Alright! My faithful HALLOWEEN-loving fans, we have the very next installment of Stefan Hutchinson’s latest (and awesome) comic mini-series, HALLOWEEN: THE FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE, from Devil’s Due Publishing.  

If you’d like a refresher of the first installment, simply click HERE for my review of it. That way, we can jump right into all the grand tricks and treats of this current issue. Here we go:

What stood out to me immediately at the start of issue number two was this: Dr. Sam Loomis is BACK in all his grand, facial-scarred, “he is evil! glory!" Yes, clearly this second issue was made out to be The Sam Show and that was a-okay with me! I swear I could hear Donald Pleasance’s sharp English accent in my mind every time I read Sam’s dialogue (which by the way, was spot-on perfect for the character).  

It seems that Dr. Loomis has taken up residence in Haddonfield in order to ensure that his former patient (you know who) is indeed truly deceased. This leads to a great confrontation with Sheriff Leigh Brackett as well as Deputy Gary Hunt. It was just so nice seeing these side characters from the first two HALLOWEEN’s brought back and serves as yet another reminder of this comic’s creator’s exquisite attention to the details of the world encompassing all that is Michael Myers.

Another aspect that this latest issue focuses on is the steady decline of Laurie Strode physically and mentally as she attempts to move on after the events that took her friends’ lives and nearly hers. This is handled with such harsh realism that I can fully accept it as the normal progression of her character. It also gives perfect insight into the closeted alcoholic we are introduced to in the older Laurie Strode of HALLOWEEN: H20.  

This sincerely is the  first death of Laurie Strode and it is poetically tragic. By this point, you may be wondering “What about our old friend The Shape?” Well, even though this second issue does not fall anywhere near October 31st, we are still given a somewhat subtle, but still kick-ass dose of that man with the “blackest eyes”. In fact, his presence looms all over the pages of this issue, even though he isn’t always shown. It’s a brilliant way of showing how his character becomes legendary to the town of Haddonfield. 

And as always, the artwork by Jeff Zornow and Nick Filardi is nothing short of exceptional. Their colors transcend the two-dimensional pages and deliver the action of a ride at an amusement park. Plus, we are even treated to some tasteful and lovely pieces of female nudity in this issue to go along with the striking visions of gore. An excellent balance if I do say so. In closing, I can’t help but once again highly recommend this comic to any and every fan of HALLOWEEN as well as the genre in general. It’s smart storytelling that still understands that horror must be the main highlight. Oh, how I wish that this series was the true filmed sequel to HALLOWEEN II.


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