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Computers are taking over the world yet again in Day One

10.25.2013by: Eric Walkuski

The headline says it all: Another coup by our computers is underway in DAY ONE, a feature film based on the novel of the same name by Nate Kenyon. The film is coming at us from production company Benderspink, which produced THE HOLE, THE RUINS and most recently, WE'RE THE MILLERS.


A seemingly normal day quickly turns into a nightmare as anything with an Internet connection begins to malfunction. Hacker John Hawke receives a call from his frantic wife just before the phones go dead. Soon he and a small band of survivors are struggling for their very lives as they find themselves thrust into the middle of a war zone---with no obvious enemy in sight.

The bridges and tunnels have been destroyed. New York City is under attack from a deadly and brilliant enemy that can be anywhere and can occupy anything with a computer chip. Somehow Hawke must find a way back to his pregnant wife and young son. Their lives depend upon it . . . and so does the rest of the human race.

The book was published earlier this month by the St. Martinís Press imprint Thomas Dunne Books; Dean Loftis will pen the screenplay.

Source: Deadline



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