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08.04.2008by: Johnny Moreno

In KNOWING, a drawing in an unearthed time capsule from 50 years ago has predicted cataclysmic events since its burial. I thought about this while waiting for director Alex Proyas to arrive to the press line: What would I put into a time capsule for future generations? And as I racked my brain over my answer, I realized it would be something silly like a "ransom" type note that said something like, "Congratulations! You found me. This capsule will now blow up in ten seconds." Then I realized that I'm really just scum on Earth with an awful attitude.

But director Alex Proyas, he of DARK CITY fame (great flick!), has taken an epic tale of murder, mystery and intrigue into the future and brought it to San Diego. He also mentioned to me that the JoBlo was a handsome fella. Jealous! Know all about Knowing when it hits theaters next year.

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