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CON: D9 interviews!

07.26.2009by: JimmyO

There are a couple films here at Comic-Con that have the audiences really excited. One of them is DISTRICT 9. The Peter Jackson produced film has been generating some amazing buzz. So for writer/director Neill Blomkamp and the film’s star, Sharlto Copley (who happens to be a huge fan of JoBlo.com… Nice!), this weekend is a huge success.

When I spoke to them on the red carpet, they talked about the relevance of the film and how it came to be while keeping it on a low budget. I was also quite honored to speak with Mr. Jackson himself. He is easily one of my favorites. An exceptional director, incredibly nice person and apparently, he has a good eye for new talent. I am very much looking forward to seeing District 9 for myself.

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