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CON: Russell and QT

07.22.2006by: Mike Sampson

Howdy all! More dispatches from the San Diego Comic-Con on the way but I wanted to drop in real quick to tell you about some pretty exciting news. Quentin Tarantino was a surprise guest at the just-finished GRIND HOUSE panel and revealed that he just signed a deal last night for Kurt Russell to star in his portion of the film - "Death Proof" - as the slasher Stuntman Mike. Tarantino said of the Mike character that it's probably one of the best characters he's ever written to which Robert Rodriguez heartily agreed.

Russell wasn't able to be in attendance but Tarantino and Rodriguez were joined by stars of each of their movies like Rosario Dawson, Marley Shelton, Mary Elisabeth Winstead and Rose McGowan. The footage they showed kicked some royal ass and as Tarantino put it, "that's only the first two weeks!" He also clarified the reports that each of their films would only be an hour long saying, "Do you really expect me to do a slasher film that's only an hour long?!" Each will likely run close to 90 minutes with the assorted trailers and goodies (like "Cowgirls in Sweden" and "Machete" with Danny Trejo) in between. Stay tuned to JoBlo.com for more breaking news from the Con!

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