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CON: Twilight INTs

Jul. 30, 2008by: Johnny Moreno

Vampires. Who doesn't love vampires except people who are about to get their blood sucked out by one? Based on a series of books by Stephenie Meyer, these vampires won't suck your blood or do any of that "normal" vampire shite we've all come to know. If you're read Mike Sampson's coverage, you'll know that the TWILIGHT panel turned into freakin' Beatlemania, with every girl screaming their heads off any time one of the cast blinked.

I was excited to talk to Catherine Hardwicke about the rumor of a POINT BREAK sequel, until I realized not a moment too soon, that I was actually thinking of Kathryne Bigelow, who directed POINT BREAK. The embarrassing prospect of asking a director why she's not doing the sequel to a movie she never made was enough to make my head itch. We also spoke to Shark Boy from THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL, in other words, Taylor Lautner and who he plays in the movie.

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