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Conan the remake

06.15.2006by: Matt Withers
According to Variety, CONAN THE BARBARIAN is going to have new life breathed into his franchise after years of various talent circling the idea. Boaz Yakin will script the project and potentially direct for the Warner Bros. production.

Yakin is best known for his outstanding work on FRESH and REMEMBER THE TITANS. He's an avowed fan of the comic, and since his movies tend to carry a dexterous handling of racial and social issues it's pretty much assured that his take will be far different from the campy fun of the original.

Of course, there's no getting around the iconic image of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular barbarian. Much like with SUPERMAN RETURNS, the biggest hurdle to a successful movie may simply be finding a lead that fans accept.

Expect more news to become available in the coming months as an early 2007 production date is currently planned.

Source: Variety



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