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Confirmed: Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin to star in Scream 4

05.28.2010by: Jake Dee

Looks like I'm on rumor duty!

About 24 hours after learning Emma Roberts won the leading role of Jill in SCREAM 4 (I still wish Ashley Greene landed it, but hey...), we know now for certain what was merely conjectured last week. Which is, "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere and Macaulay's little bro Rory Culkin have been confirmed to star in the flick alongside Roberts (so says Variety). Hot diggity!

No word whether the final name in the initial release, Lake Bell, has been confirmed for a role or not. We do know Culkin, Panettiere and Roberts will join SCREAM mainstays Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox-Arquette. The flick, spearheaded once again by Wes Craven, will start shooting next month in Michigan, Detroit.

Hayden will apparently play a character named Kirby Reed, Culkin a character named Charlie Walker. Take from that what you will!

In the meantime, how you feeling about the way the cast is shaping up? You diggin' the new breed of youngsters, or do you find a pair of 20-21 year olds a bit odd for a high-school centered flick? Better yet, do you think Panettiere and Culkin can make serviceable replacements for Rose McGowan and Matthew Lillard? Let's hear what ya got!

SCREAM 4 slashes theaters April 15, 2011.

Think you can make Hayden scream!

Extra Tidbit: Scout Taylor Compton' apparently auditioned for a role in SCRE4M.
Source: Variety



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