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Confirmed: Willis & Schwarzenegger to join Sly and the boys for Expendables 2!

09.06.2011by: Jake Dee

Though hotter than a Mexican brothel in L.A. right now, I now consider this a damn good day!

According to Deadline, the ultimate power trio of 80s action stars...the holy triumvirate if you will...Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are officially joining Sly Stallone and the boys in EXPENDABLES 2. Feel free to pour a drink and clank a toast!

Of course, Willis and Schwarz (or McClane and Matrix, as I call them) appeared briefly in the first EXPENDABLES film. Fans instantly took to the net and voiced their displeasure by the brevity, then their desire to see the duded getting extended gigs in the sequel. Well folks, we've finally gotten our wish!

Word is Matrix and McClane will take much larger, "substantial" roles this time around. No details about their specific roles were given, but really, who needs them. Matrix and McClane, son!

Due August 17, 2012 - here's a spoiler heavy plot synopsis for THE EXPENDABLES 2:

Stallone, Statham, Rourke, Lundgren, Couture and Crews return as hard-edged but noble mercenaries in the second installment of Sylvester Stallone’s old-school action thriller, The Expendables.

As payback for taking out the corrupt CIA agent Monroe (Eric Roberts) in the first Expendables, cagey Agent Church (Bruce Willis) forces the Expendables to do an “easy mission”: retrieve a missing CIA package from Gazak, a civil war torn country in Easter Europe.

The easy mission turns deadly when the Expendables are ambushed by a team of ruthless rival mercs, the Sangunaires, competing to get the same package. Tool (Mickey Rourke), the heart and soul of the Expendables, is brutally murdered by Vilain, the leader of the bloodthirsty guns for hire. Still, the Expendables manage to pull of the mission and return with the CIA package, but it’s a hollow victory.

As their thoughts turn from grief to revenge, Tool’s beautiful young daughter Fiona shows up. Cut from the same stone as her dad, she wants to join the Expendables when they hunt down Villain and his men. Barney (Stallone) promises her the Expendables will avenge Tool’s death, but will not risk putting his best friend’s daughter in harm’s way.

Fiona, who is young and wild, embarks on her own revenge mission, complicating matters for Barney when she is captured and ransomed by Vilain. Now Barney and the expendables must risk everything to save her, kidnapping CIA Agent Church and pulling off a daring heist of the CIA package they were hired to bring back.

When Agent Church reveals why the CIA package is so valuable to Vilain, the stakes go up even higher. Inside the package are canisters of radioactive cesium which Vilain has been tasked with releasing on the people’s uprising that threatens the thirty year rule of Gazak’s vicious dictator, President Dogot.

The Expendables, along with Agent Church, are now faced with an impossible mission: rescue Fiona, foil a dictator’s vicious plot to kill scores of innocent people, and avenge the death of one of their own.

Jason Statham, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Scott Adkins are also part of the action dream-team.

Will Charisma Carpenter be back?

Extra Tidbit: So how do you feel about the holy trinity linking up? If you dislike it, we really don't want to know ya!
Source: Deadline



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