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Winners! Win a groovy F13 inspired Vamped poster!

02.04.2014by: The Arrow

Contest is now closed!

The winners are: Janvier Rousseau, Roselyn Avitia, Waldo Mcfenians, Kristian Gallardo, Kay Archibald, Kyle Stachowiak, Paul Huffman, John Fueshko, Eric Dart, Patrice Marchi

We got a slick contest for you all! A poster from the soon to be released comic-book VAMPED (see the art below, all the comic covers are parodies of classic horror films.), which is a 6 issues mini-series about a vampire bite that changes the lives of a group of small town nerds forever. Think Clerks meets The Lost Boys! How do you enter? EASY! Send an e-mail HERE, write Vamped in the subject header and answer this question: "What is your favorite vampire movie and why?" We got 10 posters to giveaway, so your shot of getting one is high!

Vamped writer/creator Donny Broussard and artist/co-creator Jason Bienvenu have dreamed up a world where comics, video games, and vampires coexist. Where pop-culture reigns supreme and vampires don’t follow the rules of traditional fiction.  VAMPED is also on Kickstarter now with a cool campaign and the book will make its debut at New Orleans Comic Con on Feb. 7th. Visit their Facebook Page here!



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