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Cool District 9 stuff!

07.30.2008by: Eric Walkuski

A little birdie (okay, someone who says they're a crewmember) sent me a few interesting location photos and promo images from the Peter Jackson-produced sci-fi flick DISTRICT 9, which is being directed by Neill Blomkamp. You'll recall that Jackson and Blomkamp were going to team up on the film version of HALO before the plug got pulled, so this is what they're working on now (last November, Sony scooped up the rights).

The images above and immediately below were apparently seen at Comic Con. Then you have what appears to be a storyboard from the 3rd Act (click on it to see a bigger version), and a few location photos (it's shooting in Blomkamp's hometown of Johannesburg). While little is known about this secretive project, you can gather that the plot hinges on the relationship between man and alien. Are they living together in strained harmony? Is this a feature-length adaptation of Blomkamp's terrific short, "Alive in Joburg" (which you should absolutely check out)? Time will tell...

Finally, there are a few sites worth a peek: d-9.com and Multi-National United. Viral marketing at its finest...

Source: AITH



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