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Cool Horror Gear: 100 zombie films in chronological order

03.28.2013by: Ryan Miller

Here's a pretty cool poster that shows off 100 zombie films in chronological order in a sweet bulls-eye design. The poster pin points their exact release date starting from the 1930's all the way up until Marc Forster's zombie epic, WORLD WAR Z. So for all those times you find yourself scratching your head when you wonder what year George A. Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD shambled onto the screen, you wont have to look any further than your own wall. Pretty cool!

This print measures 13"x17" with slim a white border. It is printed on Archival matte paper and has a heavy basis weight of 240gsm and will only cost you 20 bucks. If you're interested in hanging up this badass poster in your room you can pick one up right HERE.

Check out some pics of the poster below!

Extra Tidbit: Would you hang this on your wall?
Source: Etsy



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