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Cool Horror Gear: Awesome Trick 'r Treat/Halloween Poster

09.02.2014by: Kevin Woods

Halloween is the most festive time of the year...at least for people with a deep-rooted love of horror like us! And like many of you, the haunting season is the time of year that I revisit some of my favorite Halloween-themed flicks. One of them, of course, is John Carpenter's classic HALLOWEEN, but the past couple of years I've made viewing Michael Dougherty's TRICK 'R TREAT a new tradition. Now artist “samRAW08″ has created a new poster that is sure to delight fans of both of those films and welcomes us to "The Night SAM Came To Town".

Check out this truly kickass poster below and join me in picking one of these badboys up. It'll look great in the office, no doubt! You can scoop one up right HERE. Plus this poster can be a constant reminder of the 4 Rules to Ensure a Safe Halloween. Trick or treat, kiddos!

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Extra Tidbit: How cool is this poster? Will you be ordering one for yourself?
Source: Red Bubble



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