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Cool Horror Gear: Chappie model from Gentle Giant Ltd.!

03.11.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Last week, Neill Blomkamp's CHAPPIE was released to mixed reactions across the board. Some seemed to dig the film's unorthodox style and hero (like our own Arrow, peep his review HERE), while others couldn't stand to spend another second with the childish robot (or his human cohorts, for that matter). Whatever you thought of it, one thing's clear: you're not indifferent to Blomkamp's film; this one's firing people up on both sides of the argument.

For those of you who loved the metallic protagonist, Gentle Giant Ltd. has something you might covet: a CHAPPIE "Scout 22" statue. This one stands 18" tall and was created using digital files from the film. The statue is made from a combination of resin, polystone and ABS plastic (whatever that is). It's a bit pricey, but it's also undeniably badass.

To pre-order this crime-fighter, head over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to own a CHAPPIE to call your own?



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