Cool Horror Gear: Eat a zombie with The Walking Dead Silicone Tray & Gelatin Mold!

Ever had a hankering to chow down on a rotten zombie body part? Well sicko, here's your chance!

From Diamond Select Toys, a new line-item dubbed "The Walking Dead Silicone Tray" is on the way. Peep the lowdown:

Diamond Select Toys will be releasing some officially licensed kitchen items related to The Walking Dead. In their release about the Walking Dead Kitchen items, Diamond Select Toys uses the tagline, “Whether you love the comic book, the TV show or the taste of human flesh in your mouth, it’s never been a better time to be a Walking Dead fan!”

The Walking Dead Silicone Tray lets you cast up chunks of ice, chocolate or gelatin in the shape of zombie body parts, as well as the famous Walking Dead comic book logo — perfect for snack time with the latest issue of TWD. And the Walking Dead Silicone Gelatin Mold reproduces a quivering 9″ by 5″ zombie head in whatever color gelatin you like. Turn any dinner into a dinner party, and any dinner party into a night of unspeakable horror!

How appetizing! Pretty perfect for holiday feasting with your "TWD" friends and family, wouldn't you say? I personally like the unidentifiable mass there in the top right corner. The hell is that, a torso?

If you can stomach it, click HERE to find a local retailer for pre-order.

Extra Tidbit: Which extremity looks tastiest?
Source: AITH



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