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Cool Horror Gear: Exclusive look at Candyman and Shining Cuddle Creeps!

11.19.2015by: Eric Walkuski

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the Cuddle Creeps, a new line of adorably scary pillows from Austin-based entertainment blog Strange Kids Club. The first two members of this fluffy clan were Regan from THE EXORCIST and Evil Ed from FRIGHT NIGHT - and now two more have entered the fray.

We're exclusively giving you your first looks at the Candyman and Jack Torrance Cuddle Creeps, which go on sale tomorrow, November 20th. Can't you just picture the expression on your little niece's face when she unwraps one of these bad boys on Christmas morning?!

With art by Nik Holmes, the Cuddle Creeps are approximately 24" tall by 28" wide. You'll be able to find these new additions on on November 20th, along with a wide array of horror-themed ornaments, candles and creepy kitchen products.



Extra Tidbit: Which Cuddle Creep is your favorite so far?
Source: Horror Decor



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