Cool Horror Gear: Fright Rags presents 4 new designs: Clowns, Giger, & more!

If you're into wearing horror-themed T-shirts like I am, then it's hard to go wrong with the selection you can find at Fright Rags. These fine folks are continuously putting out some of the coolest horror gear out there, and today we've got a look at 4 new designs that are sure to both delight and frighten.

If clowns are your thing, Fright Rags has you covered (literally) with the Posse of Insane Clowns T-shirt that features Pennywise, Captain Spaulding, and several other nightmare inducing clowns.

NIGHTBREED fans take notice as well: Dr. Decker is here and he's brought along his instruments of torture and murder in this badass new T-shirt.

Lars lives again, and if you see his shadow it's already too late! Fright Rags brings us a very cool GROUNDHOG DAY 12 T-shirt that harkens back to the good ol' days of slasher cinema.

And finally, my personal favorite. The legendary H.R. Giger gets the Fright Rags treatment with this very cool T-shirt. I'm definitely ordering this one ASAP.

Check out the pics of each shirt below and head over to FRIGHT RAGS to check out more of their selections!

Extra Tidbit: Which of these designs is your favorite?
Source: Fright-Rags



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