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Cool Horror Gear: Geodes carved into skulls

01.03.2014by: Ryan Miller

One of the cooler things to be making the rounds on the internet as of late are these stunning pieces of skull art that have been carved from geodes. If you've ever seen a geode in person, you know that they can be quite brilliant all on their very own. These skulls, however, turn these gorgeous natural creations into some of the coolest art you'll come across. What's great about each and every one of these pieces is how they've been fashioned to incorporate the geode's crystals into the art, making some truly beautiful designs.

You can pick one of these skulls up on the Skullis website where they've got quite the selection. These guys have the coolest job ever. Dig on the gallery below and see what you think!

Extra Tidbit: Pretty cool, right?!
Source: Skullis



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